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Chat Commands

We want all of our college students to have the best free chat experience possible. That is why we took the time to create this list of chat commands you can use in our free college chat rooms! All of these commands are helpful here at our college chat rooms, so remembering them may be helpful. Have fun and enjoy your free chat here.

/join #channel
This joins another chat room, for instance /join #AdultChat would take you to our Adult Chat.

/part #channel
Works like the above, except it exits you from that particular chat room.

/services REGISTER yournickname yourpassword
This will register your nickname with the password you choose.

/services INFO nicknamehere
If you would like to view the profile of someone, use this command,

/me is so tired
This does an action instead of a normal chat, it shows you are acting out.

/services SET yourNicknameHere PASS newPasswordHere
Use this to change your current password.

These are just a few of the essential commands to better your free college chat experience!

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