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Here is our list of free college chat rooms. Every free chat room here is always full of other college students looking to chat all night in a free friendly chat room! Please have fun! Below are a few rules and safety tips to keep in mind:

1.) Do not flood the college chat rooms with a lot of text at once.
2.) Always be curteous to others at our college chat. Rudeness will get you no where!
3.) Do not give out personal information on our free chat rooms of any sort.
4.) No advertising of any sort allowed in any of our free college chat rooms.

College Chat

Always full of college students ready for a friendly chat all night long in our free college chat room.

Adult Chat

Free chat room for mature college adults who want to chat and make friends on an adult level.

Singles Chat

Singles chat room is for college students who are single and want to chat for free with other college singles!

Roleplay Chat

Roleplay all night long in our free roleplay chat room for college students across the world.

Trivia Chat

Want to test those college wits of yours? Come in and play our free trivia chat game for college students, it's free and fun!

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chatting for college students all around the world.
a chatroom for mature college members only.
chat with singles from all over the world.
For the creative and imaginative college chatters.
Interactive online trivia chat room game.